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[Comments] (2) Plugging Along: Yesterday was a very hard day. My pump went bonkers Monday night, so I spent all night and half of yesterday unhooked. By the time I woke up in the morning I was shaky, and by the time they got me the replacement pump I was really not doing so well. I tried to eat extra for breakfast to make up for no IV--threw it up. Rachel and Anne and I went to La Mina for lunch. Chile relleno. Threw it up. Then we went to see Wedding Date, which was okay but probably not worth the money. I did all right just sitting there. We took Amanda with us.

By the end of the movie I was on the verge of collapse, so we went home and I went to bed. Anne went out and pulled weeds. A lot of weeds. What a sister!

Today is looking better. I still feel my metabolism is a little unbalanced, but we'll work on it. I had miso soup for breakfast this morning and now I'm drinking cranberry juice. I'll probably go home and take a nap as soon as I have finished here at work, but I do need a haircut! AND a trip to the Asia Market for more miso soup. And to pay bills.

[Comments] (3) It Must Be Spring: Tuxedo Tom is abroad again. I think he must hibernate somewhere during the winter.

The most incredible daffodil has come up. It is huge, and it's ruffled like a country western square dance petticoat.


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