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Don't Try This At Home!: Just a tip: Don't try to make sushi with leftover rice. It doesn't work.

[Comments] (1) Affirmations: I keep telling myself, "I love working in the garden. There is nothing else I'd rather do." iloveworkinginthegardeniloveworkinginthegardeniloveworkinginthegarden. It's easy to tell myself that now, during Bakersfield's time of paradise. It will be a little harder to convince me once we reach the months where we think we've died and gone to hell.

Today I pulled a whole lot of weeds, and I plan to go back out and pull more after naptime if it isn't raining. 80% chance. I talked a little with a neighbor who was out walking.

I could go the rest of my life and happily never see poa or Johnson grass again. Somehow the milkweeds aren't as bad as the grasses.

Quaking: I signed onto the earthquake site just one minute after a quake happend. It's in the Mammoth area, magnitude not yet determined. Instead of being represented on the map with a red square, it was marked with a white square containing a red X. I'd never seen that before. I wonder how long it will take them to turn the box red?

Update: Less than a minute. It's a 2.0. I suppose one could just sit and wait for the quakes to come it. Apparently it's almost instantaneous. People who didn't have a life could sit and watch. People could.


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