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[Comments] (4) Sinuousity: Today I found an earthworm that had to be at least eight inches long. He was very beautiful as he moved through the soil. Actually, I think earthworms are he/she, aren't they? This is the biggest worm I have ever seen, save the ones we dissected in zoology class in college. Those were a different variety, I think.

I'm happy to be finding earthworms and bugs because when I started working in this garden the soil was absolutely sterile. I still have a very long way to go before I match Grandpa Call's garden, but I'm getting there.

Gretel and I went to White Forest Nursery today and bought a new eggplant (the snails ate the first one I planted) and a catnip plant. We shall see how long the catnip plant lasts.

I was very tempted to buy a preying mantis egg case for $5.99, but I resisted.


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