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[Comments] (1) Bzzzzzzz: Yesterday a bee flew into my bedroom through the open French door. It buzzed all around, but didn't figure out how to get back out. Finally, it dropped to the windowsill in exhaustion. I felt terrible because I couldn't think how I could get her out without her stinging me.

Now it occurs to me that I could have slid a piece of cardstock under her as she sat there huffing and puffing. Then I could have carried her out. I figured she must have died there on the windowsill, so I looked today, and there was no corpse. She must have found a way out somehow.

[Comments] (2) One A Penny, Two A Penny: I made Hot Cross Buns today. Sort of. I don't like Hot Cross Buns because they have raisins and fruitcake fruit in them. I made my regular cinnamon roll dough, but I put the zest of one orange in. Then after the first rising, I rolled the dough into little balls, rolled each little ball in melted butter and then in cinnamon sugar. I slashed crosses in the top of the balls with a razor blade--a procedure more difficult than it sounds. After the buns cooled, I piped a white frosting--made of powdered sugar, butter, and the juice from the orange-- into the slashes.

This was my offering for Easter lunch at Pat's house. Rachel and I took Grandma, and all the uncles and Kyle and Eric came. Kyle took most of the leftover Cross Buns back to school with him to share with his roommates.

We had ham, chicken, potato salad, and spinach salad. The chicken was one of those "Mormon" recipes, using a can of whole berry cranberry sauce, a bottle of Kraft Russian dressing, and a packet of Lipton's onion soup. I was afraid my stomach wouldn't like it, so I just took a little piece. I'm still trying to recover.

For dessert, Pat had bought an Easter decorated carrot cake and a lemon meringue pie. Everyone but Pat had the pie, so she sent a huge piece of the cake home with us. (I didn't have any pie or cake, fearing to upset the fragile ecosystem of my intestinal tract.)

We watched the NCAA games and chatted, and there weren't any traditional Easterish festivities because no little kids. Rachel brought home some dyed eggs though.


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