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[Comments] (3) Ahhhh!: The weekend is coming. I need to grade placement essays tomorrow morning and then I can fall apart. That is, if I grade all my papers tonight and get it over with.

Rachel is home, all sick, and my nose won't quit running.

I planted everything that needs planting except the flat of thyme, so that's on the agenda for this weekend. Also, my car is going in for servicing so it can be ready to go to .... UTAH!

For my contribution to the snack table during placement grading I'm going to spread rye bread with dilled cream cheese, then put smoked salmon on top. Then garnish with a cucumber slice and a cherry tomato slice. I bought some "party" toothpicks in case the whole thing doesn't stay stacked up. They are dyed all different colors. I would have bought the plain ones, but these were ten cents cheaper than the round ones--go figure. The cheapest toothpicks were the flat kind, but I don't like those. I don't know why. I just have an aversion to them, which is silly, because they will test a cake just as well as a round toothpick.

I hope the dyes on the party toothpicks don't kill us.


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