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[Comments] (3) Ping! Ping! Ping!: Today dawned clear and beautiful, and Gretel and I went to the nursery. I bought another flat of ground cover and some pony packs of flowers to plant as I pull weeds. Also I bought some tomatoes and some more red bell peppers. They didn't have any basil.

I had ordered some tomato plants from Parks, which was a mistake as they keep moving up the ship date. I thought if I got them mail order, I could get them going early before the plants appear at the nursery, and I would have a head start on fresh tomatoes. But no, they won't send them to me because they think it's not time to plant.

After that I went to the grocery store, and then ate lunch. I was planning to work in the yard after my nap, but now it's thunderstorming and HAIL! Gretel was certainly grateful to be let back in. I had to go out in it and move all the new plants to shelter. I slid the flats under the car, and I sure hope I don't forget they are there and back over them!


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