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[Comments] (7) Murder in the Garden: I am fighting snails! I crunch them underfoot whenever I find them. These are big healthy guys too, and I've never seen such fat slugs. While I was weeding, I uncovered a nest of beautiful little pearls like the one I found last year. I am going to suppose they are snail eggs. They remind me of the fish bait that used to come in a little jar--maybe it still does-- and you'd put two or three little eggs on the hook with a squitch. I dug up the nest and scattered the eggs. I guess I should have popped them all, like Rikki Tikki Tavi did when he found the cobra's nest.

I planted the tomatoes and peppers I bought yesterday as well as two six packs of flowers. I am giving a try to calendula, which my father used to grow, because they are sunny and cheerful. And I hope they reseed. Also trying stachys (lamb's ears), adorable gray-green fuzzy plant. Now I have four six packs and a flat of thyme left to plant, as well as my beans, which need to be put outside before they take over the kitchen. I may consider the ox to be in the mire in the morning.

I found I was good for a whole hour in the garden today, but now am beat. I've been having miso soup for breakfast like the Japanese do, and I think the extra protein is helping me get stronger.


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