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Is it Blue? Is it Green?: Yesterday I made chicken breast in a lemon/garlic/black pepper sauce. It was absolutely delicious, and cooking it made the whole house smell heavenly. However, it looked less than appetizing. The little chunks of garlic turned jade green! They looked poisonous, but I'm sure they weren't, as I dimly remember a lab when I took food science in college where we turned some things jade green. (I think it was red cabbage.) But yuck. I was certainly grateful I wasn't cooking it for company, and I noticed Rachel didn't eat much.

I went into the foodies' chat room in the Scrabble club, and someone knew it was a reaction to the acid. But it didn't do it the first time I made it! I sort of feel cheated, unreasonably, I know.

Today, I couldn't even face the leftovers, so Gretel had them. She didn't seem to care about the moldy look in the rice.

I was going to resume work in the garden today, but it's cold and windy and might rain and I was exhausted from helping with the potluck at work. I took a long nap and read a trashy novel. Papers were all graded at work.

Today we began writing proficiency testing and of course one of the students didn't show up. He's getting an F anyhow. Often there are good reasons why students are remedial, and it often has absolutely nothing to do with their intelligence. It's about the choices they make. This kid has chosen to deal drugs and to fail his English class. OK, so he makes more money than his teacher, so what?


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