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[Comments] (4) Harebrain: Yesterday afternoon I wasn't feeling so well. I finally dragged myself through grading my papers and crawled into bed, very early. It's a problem though--it seems as I'm vomiting out the contents of my stomach my brain also empties out. I'd been curled up in my jammies (Clark for President T-shirt, old baggy leggings) for about half an hour, cuddled with a warm Xochitl, when I realized that it was the Pinewood Derby and I needed to be at the church taking pictures. I could have kicked myself, but I didn't go. Now I don't know what I will do for Pinewood Derby pictures. That was pretty dumb. I even had it written in my planner, and probably they would have had refreshments afterward. NEVER miss the refreshments!

Floral Heaven: Gretel and I went to White Forest Nursery to get a couple more blueberry bushes, and I succumbed to more six packs of flowers. They are all so pretty this time of year! My front yard is a sight to behold right now. I got several kinds of carnations and pinks, and a phlox that is pink and white striped.

I worked very hard in the garden and fed all the vegetables and the blueberries with fish emulsion. Radishes are ready to pick so Rachel and I had them on our salad today. A red one, a white one, and a purple one. The blueberries I bought today have green berries all over them. The ones in the ground are still just blooming. This year we are going to have a spread out blueberry season.

For dinner, I made one of the chicken scaloppine recipes from the March Sunset--the orange-olive-pine nut one, and it was really good. I think I'm finding that the secret to cooking chicken breast is to cook it on medium heat. It doesn't get tough that way. I'm a heat-blaster kind of cook, so this is a change in paradigm for me.


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