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[Comments] (1) Edward the Hopper: For a minute there I thought Edward was back. It's a big black spider like he was, and as I lay in bed watching it cross the ceiling, I worried slightly that it might be a giant black widow. I reached for my glasses and determined that it had the wrong body shape for a black widow. Meanwhile, it was making its way toward a cobweb containing two daddy longlegs.

I rolled out of bed for a closer inspection. Nope, not Edward. This spider just had one white spot on his rear, and he was hairy. His eyes glowed with blue florescent light. As it approached the web, one of the daddy longlegs began to dance and make threatening motions, but it didn't spring. Perhaps it was caught in the web itself. The other DLspider just lay in wait.

A reinspection a minute ago shows NO big black spider, but the two daddy longlegs are still there. I don't like daddy longlegs because they eat each other, and I think that is rude. I know this from emperical evidence, not from book larnin'. I wish the daddy longlegs were gone from my bedroom.


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