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[Comments] (2) Workin': Today I worked in the back yard all morning, tying up (some) of the Sally Holmes roses, yanking some more creeping fig off the chimney, pruning pond plants (didn't finish that job!) and rearranging patio pots. I replaced a bunch of drip tubing in the pots, added two risers to the bed where I'm going to plan shrub roses, and generally got ready to plant a bunch of stuff that is not bought yet.

I tried to raise the umbrellas, but I couldn't because I am still too weak. Three of my deep watering pipes are missing from the pots. I suspect Robert Gomez threw them out.

My order came from Park's today, and I got it all planted. I had ordered a bare root "Economy Daylilly Assortment" which I put in patio pots. I planted one, and then carried the other two and set them on the patio next to a pot while I went to drag a bag of potting soil over. When I came back, Gretel had carried one of the daylillies off. I looked everywhere, and had just about despaired of finding it when I discovered she had carried it over and set it down in pot #1. She was helping!

The rest of the order consisted of heucheras and dicentras, shade plants which I put under the camellias. I planted three dicentras and four heucheras: Creme Brulee, Marmalade, Key Lime, and Peach Melba. They all have colored leaves.

Also in my box was a "free" echinachea (Did I spell that right?) Purple Coneflower. I don't delude myself for a moment that it was really "free", but I'll give it a try. I put it next to some orange gazania, so it should make a real visual pop. The poor little thing is so small and withered now though. We'll see if it lives. If not, it was "free."


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