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Wahoo!: They started selling LaRosa bars again at Young's. I am quite pleased; I bought four of them. They are selling for 79 cents, compared to a dollar from the LaRosa guy with his cart. Which LaRosa guy has not been in this neighborhood of late. I see them around work all the time.

I made a shrimp chow mein with fresh vegetables and extra ginger, using fresh noodles from the produce section. Rachel and I agreed that it tasted better than anything in a restaurant.

Do you know what I wish I could find a recipe for?

When we lived in Los Angeles, there was for a couple of years a hole in the wall restaurant over in the Rampart/Alvarado area called the Burrito Hut. (Shack? I think it was Hut.) The owner appeared to be the only employee, and he told us his recipes came from "Mother." My favorite thing to order was the Tostada de Pollo Celant, which had a thin green cilantro sauce on it. This was the first time I ever saw shredded red cabbage and carrots added to a tostada.

The guy didn't have a liquor license, for which the LA Times restaurant reviewer seriously dinged him. (Flubbaththth.) The last time I remember eating there was a huge family luncheon after Alyson's baptism. Shortly thereafter, the Burrito Hut disappeared, and with it the Pollo Celant.


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