Jabberwocky for 2005 May 18 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (3) I Been Workin'On the Railroad: ...or not the railroad, but on fall semester. I spent the whole time the cleaning lady was here and finished the class pack for ACDV 68. Then I went visiting teaching, and then took a nap. I spent about an hour on the ACDV 68 calendar for fall, and I did my English 60 grades.

The Young Men/Young Women had a Super Senior Supper, so I took Ernestine Boonstoppel to it. You were supposed to be 60 or older to go, but I scammed a dinner anyway. Ham, funeral potatoes, green beans, peach pie a la mode. (I threw it up.)

I think Ernestine really had a good time. I got a very nice picture for the ward newsletter of Ernestine surrounded by smiling kids.

Tomorrow I have to go in to work in the morning, but it's the last day until June 13. I am exhausted really, and need to do serious yard work.

Fall bulb catalogs have begun to arrive. A new one came, Van Wyks, which has a different assortment and is cheaper than Parks. I looked through it and made a list of all the "nice to haves." When those catalogs come in the mail, I seriously want one of everything.


Posted by John at Thu May 19 2005 08:21

How much do you pay Irma?

When we move to SoCal, we want you to fire her. Susie and I will clean your house.

Posted by Frances at Thu May 19 2005 10:28

Don't be silly.

Posted by John at Thu May 19 2005 13:35

Susie and I don't think she does a very good job. Neither does Edward, for that matter. We could do much better for free.


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