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[Comments] (3) Heresy: I don't think I'm going to go see Star Wars. I LOVED the first one, way back when, and was disappointed in the sequels. I haven't seen either of the recent ones, and I think I'll let sleeping dogs lie.

I feel like a real non-geek skuzzbucket saying that.

Doggone!: A couple of weeks ago I bought a "dog repellant" herb from Home Depot. It sort of stinks. I planted it in one of Gretel's holes, and so far she has not dug it up, so today I went to get more. I got the last five that they have, and I'll put them in Gretel's holes around the patio. She can still dig under the citrus trees and under the Lady Banks rose, so I don't feel too mean. It's just that digging around the patio makes such a mess. Poor mess of a dog.

Watch her dig them up now that I've spent fourteen dollars.


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