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[Comments] (1) So Hot: This morning after they came for the garbage,I rolled the green waste bin around to the front and packed it full of poppies. Poor Juan is here now and has nowhere to put the grass clippings. He will have to sneak them into another customer's green bin, I guess.

I was going to plant some seeds of summer flowers tomorrow morning, but it's too hot to can apricots tonight, so morning it is. Rachel said she would help me.

I was supposed to take Jill Langley to lunch for her birthday, but that got put over to Thursday, so for lunch I made a recipe from the most recent Sunset --sea scallops with cellophane noodles. I didn't like it, so Gretel had the rest. For dinner I made a salmon fillet grilled on Rachel's little George Foreman grill, with rice and cucumbers from my garden. From the leftover rice, I made rice and artichoke salad for tomorrow. So you can see I heated up the kitchen even without canning!

I picked and froze all the ripe boysenberries. There aren't very many unripe ones left, and the bushes are growing all over, sending their thorny ambassadors into the asparagus bed. Which should not be allowed. Which isn't allowed. Which I will do something about as soon as I figure out what. I can't just prune them off because those new branches will bear next year's fruit. And humph. Those boysenberry canes were purported to be thornless.


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