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[Comments] (2) I'm a Slacker: Today I didn't really get up until late afternoon. I didn't feel too well, and I figured, well, it's a holiday. I made dinner for me and Rachel, and then after she went to improv practice, I went out in back and weeded the chessboard. I am going to give groundcover One More Chance, and then if it doesn't take, as they say in Britian, "Sod it." I don't know why I'm so worried about having a chessboard; I'll never be able to afford the game pieces.

Rachel was upset because the Bakersfield Californian published a list of local men (It looked like all men) killed in war from World War Two on. She wondered why no World War One casualties were included. I wonder too. It's not because the information is unavailable. I ran a quick preliminary Google search and came up with one fellow within minutes.

I guess this World War One groupie had better write a letter to the editor.


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