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[Comments] (1) Mothers Day: I opened a lovely card made by Susanna and John, which included a Home Depot gift card--always a popular item with me! Rachel gave me a pair of white Capri pants, and Leonard called with news he had been working in his garden. That gave me a kick because when he was a kid you never ever saw anyone more reluctant to do yard work. I guess it's different when it isn't your mother's yard.

Rachel and I took Grandma out for Chinese food at the Peking Palace. It was fun to see all the moms and grandmas getting treated to lunch. I don't feel tooooo bad about missing church to take Grandma out because she is more important, plus I hate Mothers Day. When I typed the bulletin I found that we were singing "Love at Home." Ewwwwwww. My motherhood experience has been more "Towanda! Warrior Woman!" than "roses bloom beneath our feet."


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