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[Comments] (1) Sigh: I have been paying bills. Sigh. Double Sigh. I know I'll make it somehow, but serious lifestyle changes need to happen around here.

[Comments] (1) Weltschmertz: I've been so sad the last couple of days. I'm sad for the Serbians in World War I. I am sad for them now. I'm sad for the malnourished Sudanese babies. I'm especially sad because we've had a death in the family--a tragic, horrible death of someone too young and beautiful to die. I don't like feeling this way.

Chess, Anyone?: While the boys were here painting patio furniture, I worked on the chessboard. I had some dichondra seed in the garden shed. At least, I HOPE it was pelleted dichondra seed and not ant poison. I planted it all, at any rate. You'd think somebody like me would label the Ziploc bag when somebody like me puts something away.


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