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[Comments] (5) The Heat is On: I wish the heat killed weeds instead of helping them grow. I haven't been out to pull them yet this week--Monday I was sick, and Tuesday I was exhausted from the events of the night and I didn't get up until time to go to the baby shower. Our Pat the Bunny book was a big hit there, and I won a prize for knowing the most terminology for baby animals.

I had been giving Clayton Davis a ride to school. He is taking algebra at BC under concurrent enrollment. Last night, however, he called me and told me that a neighbor of his is going to add the class, so they will carpool. I'll miss mornings with Clayton.

Maybe this warm weather will speed up the eggplant and okra. I do wish they would hurry!

I'm going to end up with probably 26 people in my class. That's not too bad.

He's Still There: I went to FoodsCo today to use a food voucher I had from the county AIDS office, and that drunk, crazy guy who used to be Grandpa's roommate in the rest home across the street was there. He had escaped, I guess, and come across the street on his little electric scooter chair. He was buying beer.

You'd think they would watch him a little more closely. It can't be safe for him to go out like that because he has to cross the freeway on ramp to cross the street. Also, he's nuts.

So Sweet: At FoodsCo, they had Royal Anne cherries. I have not even seen any of them since high school, and certainly never in a store. They are the kind of delicacy you have to grow in your own garden if you want to eat them. I bought a pound, and I will have to eat them fast because they don't keep.

My parents had a cherry tree, but it was a sour pie cherry. (My mother was like me, wanted things to be sour!) Aunt Jeuney had a big bing cherry tree, but you had to work snappy to get any cherries before the birds did. There was a wonderful lady who worked for aunt Jeuney, Jean Anning, who had a Royal Anne tree and she would give us some sometimes.

You can't can them or freeze them or make pies or anything because they are just too fragile. Eat them up while the eating is good!


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