Jabberwocky for 2005 June 15 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (5) The Heat is On: I wish the heat killed weeds instead of helping them grow. I haven't been out to pull them yet this week--Monday I was sick, and Tuesday I was exhausted from the events of the night and I didn't get up until time to go to the baby shower. Our Pat the Bunny book was a big hit there, and I won a prize for knowing the most terminology for baby animals.

I had been giving Clayton Davis a ride to school. He is taking algebra at BC under concurrent enrollment. Last night, however, he called me and told me that a neighbor of his is going to add the class, so they will carpool. I'll miss mornings with Clayton.

Maybe this warm weather will speed up the eggplant and okra. I do wish they would hurry!

I'm going to end up with probably 26 people in my class. That's not too bad.


Posted by Susie at Wed Jun 15 2005 08:52

Pat the Bunny! Good choice.

Posted by Kristen at Wed Jun 15 2005 09:51

Lily loves her Pat the Bunny book that Alyson gave her for Christmas. We read it every night before bed and she has to turn the pages or else. She got into it the other day and ripped out half the smaller book inside the book. She has also slobbered all over the edges that the binding is hanging on by 2 inches. I guess I will replace the book, although keeping the original forever, when she passes through the put everything in my mouth phase.

Posted by Sumana at Wed Jun 15 2005 14:58

I took some sort of math class - maybe Algebra II - at community college over a summer. It was fantastic. That was the same summer I read Anna Karenina. What a great memory. Thanks for reminding me, Frances.

Posted by Rachel at Wed Jun 15 2005 20:08

I took Geometry at BC the aummer after my junoir year. It was great because we didn't have class on fridays and it started at 11, unlike the HS which started at 7:30. I took it with Jen & another girl and we all "carpooled" (I was the only one with a liscense and we had a lot of fun.

Posted by Susie at Thu Jun 16 2005 17:02

I took Algebra II at BC too... That makes sense. John and I were talking about high school classes the other day, and I only remembered taking Geometry, Pre-Calc and Calculus.


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