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[Comments] (1) Having a Wonderful Time, Wish You Were Here: California has been busy quaking and quaking. The seismologists must be really busy, and everyone else is wondering if we are going to fall into the drink.

Yes. We are going to split off. It's been in progress for centuries, half a centimeter per month.

Alex, one of the tutors, was doing a little role-play about people in Heaven:

Angel A: So, how did y'all die?

Angel B: Train wreck.

Angel C: Cancer.

Angel A: I died in the Apocalypse. It was so neat! You shoulda been there! Explosions everywhere and the earth turning wrongside out... exciting stuff!

[Comments] (1) Yikes! I Think I'm in Bakersfield!: Youngs had tri-tip on sale so I splurged and bought a package. I trimmed them up and put one in the oven to "deep pit" overnight. The other one I put in the big freezer, and when someone comes to see me next I will cook it.

I put grass killer on all the crabgrass and Bermuda and poa in the flower garden. I just can't keep up with it by hand pulling. The label says that it works better when it's hot, but it wasn't all that hot today.


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