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[Comments] (1) Goats to Be Gotten:: I got a rise out of Rachel today when I said that Ginny Weasley is annoying. I further hypothesized that all little sisters are annoying. She really got huffy. Actually, many of the characters in HP make your teeth grate. I really found that out when we borrowed the CDs for the trip to take Leonard's car to Arkansas. About the other side of New Mexico I had to give it up because I had had it with Harry. It was like having a fifteen-year-old boy in the car, and we all know they should be sent to Mars.

[Comments] (1) Mutant:: Several years ago I planted valerian (Jupiter's Beard) around the margins of my yard--under the tangerine tree and so forth. Jupiter's Beard comes in red or white, and I planted the white. This year, it has put forth some plants that have flowers that are definitely purple. There is no "possibly a red strain" about it. It's purple. Purple I tell you! It's awfully pretty and I hope the purple ones reproduce as well as the white ones do.

I suppose if I knew what to do I could get famous?


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