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[Comments] (2) Fathers Day: This is the first Father's Day without my father-in-law. I remember last year I spent the afternoon with him at his rest home. Nobody else was there; I don't know why. We talked, and he wanted to dictate a letter and have me write it down. I went to the nurse's station and swiped a piece of paper from the photocopy machine, and he dictated a lovely sentiment to Rosalie, thanking her for making him a father. I almost cried. We folded it up and put it in the envelope that I brought his card in, but he kept wanting to open it back up and read it again. It became rather the worse for wear, but the heart was there.

I didn't make it to church today. I got up just fine, had a cup of miso soup, took Gretel for a ride in the car, and was doing great. Then the vomiting started in about eleven and I tried to lie down until time for church. Next thing I knew it was 1:15. I had a choice to get up and hurry and be late, or skip it, and I went back to sleep.

Rachel and I are eating garden vegetables today.

[Comments] (2) Hello Smelly: After days of wondering what was that strange smell in my bedroom, the mystery is solved! The sanseveria on my nightstand has sent up a flower stalk blooming with little yellow flowers and dripping with honeydew. I've never seen that happen before, but I've had this snake plant since Roy's funeral, so maybe it's like a century plant and doesn't bloom often. It was a little baby in a dish garden when I got it.

The scent is pervasive. Cloying, but not necessarily offensive. I suppose I should cut the stalk off and get rid of it and its perfume, but I feel sorry for the plant making all that effort. Eventually it will fade on its own, I'm sure.


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