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[Comments] (1) Deterioration of the Educational Systems: One of my students told us this morning that at the high school he graduated from in Long Beach, the teachers are behind a plexiglass wall and lecture the class through a microphone. If a student wants to ask a question, they have to press a button.

I thought I had it bad my seventh period class at East High School. Or, always, fourth period at Chipman. They turn into carnivores before lunch.

He also told us all about the metal detectors in every classroom door and the police patrols. This kid sort of doesn't know how to behave in a college classroom, and is it any wonder?

[Comments] (1) Dinosaurs!: Kristen sent me dinosaur stickers and a nice note. Thanks, Kristen! I can use the stickers on the scrapbook pages of the the dinosaur trip Leonard and I are taking this summer.


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