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[Comments] (4) Fighting City Hall: I've been tiffing with my bank. I deposited a check for $1,000 in the ATM, and I even have an ATM receipt that says $1,000. Imagine my chagrin when I checked my balance online and found they had credited me with a $100 deposit. Obviously their mistake! (Usually, with mathematical matters, it's my mistake.)

I sent them a firm email saying that if they bounced the check I wrote for my annual auto insurance premium, it would be THEIR fault, not mine. Sometimes I get so mad at the way they do things--like deducting debits before they apply credits and then charging a fee for the shortage which wasn't really a shortage. Turkeys.

Today, the balance looks like it's fixed although I've received no reply or apology from the bank.

Updates: I heard from the bank. They gave me a lot of bs and made excuses and were not sorry at all, but at least they credited my account.

The ant poison has germinated and it is indeed dichondra. I have been watering and weeding so faithfully, and it's good to see it coming up all green. Some of the little sprouts have their first pair of real leaves. Every time Gretel and I go out in the yard, I pull out a handful of spotted spurge from the chessboard. It grows so much faster than grass. It is not an unattractive plant, and it would not be such a bad weed if it would behave itself.


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