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Why Watch The News?: Why bother? Why take the paper? I'll tell you what happened yesterday, what is happening today, and what will happen tomorrow. It's all the same.

There was a car bomb in Iraq. The Giants lost. Political shennanigans accrued in the Bakersfield City Council. Some celebrity messed up. The recipe in the food section needs adaptation before anyone can eat it.

[Comments] (3) Variations on a Pasta Salad: I made pasta salad tonight. I used cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden and some haricots verts that were in the freezer needing to be used. While I was picking the cucumbers, a man came to visit Sue across the street and I gave him one. There are still so many, arrrrgh.

I used the "Heartland" tomatoes, a small tomato that has a lovely flavor, but the skin is so thick it makes me gag. I peeled all of them. Don't think THAT wasn't an annoying procedure. "Heartland" also has the stem core deep into the flesh of the tomato, and I don't think I'll be growing it next year. Maybe it would make a good juicer, but the plant doesn't seem prolific enough.

I picked two extra cucumbers to take to work to give away, and while I was coming in with them I bumped the doorframe with one of them (that's how long they are!) and it snapped in half. Gretel immediately got the fallen half, and now she is happily knawing away on it. It's made a huge mess on the rug. Probably it will give her gas, too.

I think I will take half of the pasta salad to work so that Rachel and I aren't stuck eating the whole huge bowl.


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