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[Comments] (6) Come and Take It Over My Dead Body: I'm quite upset about the Supreme Court's ruling in the Kelo case. What ever possessed them? I guess it helps that there were dissentions, among them Sandra Day O'Connor, whom I admire, but the majority rules.

So now Corporate America can just take our homes, whatever. What is next, are they going to take our children?

And there are no appeals from a Supreme Court judgment. I think the homeowners will have to resort to terroroism tactics.

I want to go on record as saying I have always disapproved of eminent domain. Every American can now end up being like the Native Americans who had their land stolen by the government.

Between this and other things, this country is drifting away from the United States I know.

[Comments] (1) Easy On The Knees: As my arms and legs waste thinner, my knees get bonier, and I have gotten to the point where gardening is uncomfortable. I went to the ceramic tile aisle of Home Depot and got a pair of strap-on knee pads like Mike James wears to do floors. I tried them out today and they make all the difference.

I ripped out the green beans, the turnips, and one of the cucumbers and put perlite and bat guano compost into the soil. Then I planted more okra, more green beans, some Italian flat beans, and more cucumbers.

I've decided that whatever I do in the yard, the vegetable garden has to come first because it's saving us money on our food.

I made cucumber/red onion fresh pickle like Grandma and Aunt Margaret used to make,and pesto with our fresh basil, and BLT sandwiches with our tomatoes. I also bought some mozzarella to make mozzarella/tomato salad. That will be for tomorrow.

The tomato plants that were labelled "Roma" have ROUND green tomatoes on them. Grrrrr.

The crabgrass and weeds are out of control in the flower beds.


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