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[Comments] (6) Come and Take It Over My Dead Body: I'm quite upset about the Supreme Court's ruling in the Kelo case. What ever possessed them? I guess it helps that there were dissentions, among them Sandra Day O'Connor, whom I admire, but the majority rules.

So now Corporate America can just take our homes, whatever. What is next, are they going to take our children?

And there are no appeals from a Supreme Court judgment. I think the homeowners will have to resort to terroroism tactics.

I want to go on record as saying I have always disapproved of eminent domain. Every American can now end up being like the Native Americans who had their land stolen by the government.

Between this and other things, this country is drifting away from the United States I know.


Posted by rachel at Fri Jun 24 2005 10:30

I heard about this yesterday too. I really can't believe something like this could happen. I don't see anything in this that could possibly be misconstrued as a good idea. Where was MoveOn and their petitions?

Posted by John at Fri Jun 24 2005 10:47

Speaking of eminent domain in general (and not the above case) it is ok to me if it is done properly and equitably. For example, there would be absolutely NO freeways in the entire country if it weren't for eminent domain. And the gov. does compensate at FMV, which for some people is very generous. For example, if the gov. extended the 5 through parts of Commerce, for example, it would require eminent domain, and those people would get paid for their houses and could move somewhere nicer. Luckily I don't think the goverment has ever grossly abused this right, but just knowing it could makes life a little scarier I suppose.

Posted by Frances at Fri Jun 24 2005 11:16

I know that when the 280 was built, it was a windfall for a lot of poor people in San Jose. But in this case, it's not the government building a necessary road, it's the government getting in bed with the private sector to construct an office complex on the land.

Posted by Frances at Fri Jun 24 2005 11:19

I've seen cases of eminent domain where the people were not fairly compensated, too.

We're having a problem here with the freeway extension because the govt. doesn't want to reimburse the farmers enough for the land. The farmers can get more $ by selling to a real estate developer. (Meanwhile, where is our food gonna come from?)

Posted by Alyson at Fri Jun 24 2005 12:16

This land is your land. . . this land is my land

Posted by Sumana at Tue Jun 28 2005 08:56

Y'all got me. I posted a huge comment to my own blog.


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