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Babies!: Today I spent a couple of hours pulling Bermuda grass out from under one of the redwood trees, and I found that some of the heucheras have had children. There are some teeny baby plants mixed in with the aguja, and they are putting up teeny baby flower spikes! More power to them!

I also ripped out a bunch of cinquefoil. It winds itself over other plants. I wish I'd never planted it, and I planted two flats! I planted it because the lady at Mountain View Nursery in Lamont recommended it as a ground cover for the Comanche Point backyard. I suppose it is probably okay for an acre in Arvin, but here it takes over.

Ouch!: One of my students got jumped by a wannabee carjacker over the weekend. He's all swollen and has sidewalk burns all over his face. He has stab wounds in his chest right under his heart and on his hands. And he is walking with a terrible limp.... but he came to class!

I made him show me his stab wound in his side, but it was all covered up with one of those glueystitches thingies.

They gave him Darvocet and Tyelenol III at the ER, but he doesn't want to take them. He said his friend offered him $80 for the Darvocet. I told him not to DARE sell it. I think he is hanging with the wrong friends.

I don't blame him for not wanting to take the painkillers. I hate taking stuff that makes me feel loopy. I still have all but one of the pills they gave me after my hysterectomy--and I didn't take that one for the surgery. I took it when Gretel broke my finger last December and it hurt so badly I couldn't sleep.


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