Jabberwocky for 2005 June 30 (entry 0)

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I Make Misteaks: I have made several serious errors in planning and planting my front garden. I didn't know any better, I suppose, but now I'm living with the consequences.

*I didn't plow in enough organic matter before I planted. I just scattered the contents of a half dozen nursery bags on top, and I should have bought a truckload of compost and had the tractor guy till it in while he was here with the backhoe shaping the berms.

*I planted the redwood trees exactly the distance the Sunset book said to, to get a grove, and they are already too close together and beginning to overlap. Maybe the Sunset book thought they would be skinny, and they are FAT!

*I planted hundreds of dollars worth of rare varieties of daffodil (my favorite flower) without knowing whether they would come back in this climate. I thought they always spread and came back, but the fancier ones haven't.

*I covered the whole yard with different varieties of thyme the first year and it was a disaster. So I lost a whole year.

*I planted Mexican primrose and it is taking over everything.

*I planted cinquefoil (potentilla) and it is strangling my aguja.

*I didn't figure out the configuration of the sprinkler and drip system properly, and I have dry spots. I think I would have been better off to have it professionally installed.

*I bit off more than I can chew by making a huge flower garden--too big for one person to keep up.

What else? I'm sure I'll think of something as I spend this weekend trying to catch up in the garden.


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