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[Comments] (4) Not as Hot as I Think I Am: I'm running a fever today, so I didn't go out and do any yard work, even though it needs it badly and even though it's not really all that hot out there. It was all I could do to grill some lunch, and my hair was dripping while I did it.

Rachel bought a new book, so I stole it and went to bed with it for the afternoon.

I made potato salad to go with barbecued ribs for tomorrow, and to my chagrin, I had no celery. I thought I had celery. I ALWAYS have celery! So I put a cut up cucumber in instead. It tastes pretty good.

We have cucumbers taking over the world. One of them is eighteen inches long. I don't know what I'm going to do with so many. I did make sunomono for lunch, so that used one, and the potato salad used one, and it's like the Hydra out there.


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