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[Comments] (6) Feeding the Neighborhood: This year, I purchased the first honest and straightforward packet of zucchini seeds I have ever seen. It says "Feed the Whole Neighborhood!" in a little banner on the front. Today I started doing that. There is a neighbor I talk to sometime when she is out walking and I'm out weeding. I gave her a cucumber and two squashes.

The whole house smells like mint because I picked some Kentucky Mint Julep mint and I have it steeping in hot water. I'm going to make lemonade juleps. With frozen raspberries in them. We give a toast to Brendan!

I made more Italian meatballs today, but these are not as good. I think I accidentally put an extra cup of bread crumbs in. That's what I get for measuring! Also, they don't have enough garlic.

It's looking like we might get a little storm.


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