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[Comments] (3) Goat: When we were in the Bay Area, Leonard took us grocery shopping in Berkeley--the most wonderful store I've ever been in. I bought a whole lot of Laura Chenel goat cheese. I read about Laura Chenel in Sunset several years ago. She went to France for a year and lived with a goat farm family, learning how to make cheese, and when she came back to Sonoma she started this cheese business to support the local dairy goat farmers, who were struggling.

I think that's admirable. I'd never had her cheese before we ate at Greens, and it is just wonderful. So creamy and tangy, and far superior to the goat cheese one can obtain here. That's why I bought us a supply. I got a lot of the plain variety and some of the herbal coated kind to crumble on salads. Baaaaaaahhhhh!

[Comments] (5) From An Arizona Newspaper: While the ideologues work themselves into a lather over Sandra Day O’Connor’s successor, I keep thinking about her next decision. If she has any sense, it will be 9-0, write a cookbook. Her enchiladas are renowned, and her law clerks were just on NPR swooning over the other Southwestern food she always made for them. Given how grossly underrepresented our home state is in bookstores, she could cross a whole new frontier, complete with TV show: “Justice in the Kitchen.” Soon enough, you know that will be a woman’s place again anyway. ---Regina Schrambling


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