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[Comments] (2) Ain't We Got Fun!: I made crepes today, and they were good. Filling is leftover chicken, Swiss chard from the garden, onion, mushroom, and Monterrey jack cheese. I made a veloute sauce with capers to top the ones we ate today, and put a bunch in the refrigerator, plain, to serve for supper tomorrow night.

Some of my siblings don't like capers--I know Leonardw doesn't, but I don't know about Anne and her kids, so I played it safe. I can always make more sauce tomorrow if caper sauce is in demand.

Because I bought the groceries at Youngs, I didn't have a large choice of good cheese. Most of the cheese they sell is the cheap stuff, but they have started carrying Tillamook, so that is what I got. I don't know how I feel about buying a Monterrey jack made in Oregon; somehow it seems very wrong. None of this Real California Cheese, of which Monterrey jack is truly the native leader. I think even a Mexican jack would be more honest. On the other hand, Tillamook makes a good Cheddar, and we can't fault them for not being in England to make the Cheddar, can we? 'Tis a connundrum.

Other news from Young's: They were out of LaRosa bars, but they had the big watermelons with the seeds. I bought one since we will have a lot of people here to help eat it. It's out in the garage in Grandma Jessie's refrigerator, getting nice and cold.

I think I ought to make crepes more often. I forget how easy they are to make. (cleaning the stove after is another matter.) Rachel said we should make banana crepes, and we should, because the bunch of bananas we bought for 19 cents in Berkeley are getting riper by the minute. But I have the idea they will go tomorrow if I suggest banana splits.

I still need to do a few things to prepare for Anne's visit--sweep up dog hair, water plants, fold laundry, and find some summer sheets for the bed in the back room. Rachel did an incredible job of cleaning up in there, so I hope Joe and Louise sleep well.


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