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[Comments] (2) London Copycatters: Oh no. Not again!

I was reading an op-ed piece yesterday that asked, "Where are all these moderate, peace-loving Muslims we keep hearing about?" They certainly haven't been speaking up in defense of a peaceable Islam.

[Comments] (1) Grrrrrr.: Warren Street station! That's MY tube stop. Okay, it's personal now!

O-oh Freedom Over Me: I met my class and told them goodbye and good luck, got my desk all ready for Fall, and helped grade the very last of the retakes. It's over, and I have survived. (barely.)

I feel that I really pulled the laboring oar this week on the exam grading, and I sure hope I get paid for all the extra hours.

Now I have a whole week to do nothing [but pull weeds] and then Leonard and I leave on our dinosaur trip.

I need to call the home health people and arrange for three weeks of TPN to be delivered so I can take it with me. It's certainly a hassle, but I suppose it's better than wasting away into nothing, which is the alternative. Also I need to make sure Garry is going to donate grapes for Pioneer Day. I will be gone for that, so I'm nervous about it. I did leave a call on Garry's voicemail, but he hasn't called me back.


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