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Murder Most Foul: "I suppose I've done murder now," said Scarlett. "I'll think about it tomorrow."

Except I've kept thinking about it today. All day.

Lately we've had a plague of feral kittens, and we've tried and tried to sweet talk them and catch them so they could go in and be fixed before they have kittens themselves. No results; they won't let us near them.

I went out this morning to start some water running in the garden, and there was Skunk Kitty curled up in a terra cotta pot with a batch of babies. Boy, did she ever hiss at me! I thought I could quickly put something on top and trap them, but she was out like a lightning bolt. I took the kittens out and, with a heavy heart, took them to the pound.

There were four kittens, three or four days old, eyes not open yet. One of them had a really pretty little face. I feel just terrible about this.

The lady at the pound told me where I can buy or rent a trap, so maybe we can catch some cats now. Maybe, just maybe, we can catch Tuxedo Tom!


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