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[Comments] (2) Weekend: We had a very nice family visit this weekend. We celebrated John's birthday and hung around the house. I cooked my other tri-tip and made guacamole especially for John. Leonard made a quiche, and Susie made a Boston cream pie for his birthday cake.

WHY do they call it Boston cream pie when it is a cake?

This evening Gretel and I went to the off-leash area. We went to Centennial Park, and nobody else was there. I was a little sad about this but she ran around smelling things and rolling in the grass, so I think she had a good time. She ventured much farther from me than she ever has before, but she kept coming back to see if I was ok.

I sat there and made myself smell the pine trees and veg out. I didn't take anything to do. I'm not good at sitting still and doing "nothing"--never have been. I'm a flop at meditation--and probably prayer too--because I just can't sit there wasting time. So I decided to try to train myself by chilling for an hour at the dog park every Sunday evening.

Morning will come soon, and with it the home health nurse, who can't just let it be while I go on vacation.


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