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[Comments] (1) Whack!: I went out early this morning and ran the weedwhacker on all the crabgrass. It looks a lot better now but I am still going to have to dig it all up. The coreopsis has gotten huge and has needed deadheading all summer. I've tried to do some from time to time, but it certainly has gotten away from me. So I weedwhacked the top third off. I hope it doesn't kill it.

Now I need to go out and pull weeds until it gets dark, then to bed so I can repeat this process tomorrow.

I made a really good stir fry with yakisoba noodles, vegetables, and shrimp. So far, I haven't thrown it up. (big news.)

It's a pretty sad life when that is the big news, but there's absolutely nothing going on.

Later: I went out to pull my weeds. I had left the patches of the big thick grass because it's easy to pull out, but I discovered that Juan had weedwhacked it all. Including some flowers. I guess he saw I had been weedwhacking and he wanted to help out. Oy. Now my big thick easy to pull out grass is cut down to hard-to-grasp nubs. I pulled and dug out two wastebaskets full before it got dark.


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