Jabberwocky for 2005 July 28 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (2) Ready for Vacation: I've done all the traditional vacationy things--bought film, counted out pills, loaded the cooler, stopped the newspaper, packed. Gretel did her traditional thing too--she peed on my bed. When I got up this morning and started packing, she became more and more upset. Pacing and herding. I couldn't even water the patio pots in peace. She knows something is happening.

So I'm sitting here washing my down comforter and waiting for my pharmacy delivery. Then, it's vacation time, and Gretel goes to the puppy spa where she will have fun fun fun!


Posted by Rachel at Thu Jul 28 2005 13:47

she is such a bad attachment disorder dog! when you stop the paper do they add the days to your susbcription? They should. I hope you have funie! And drive safe!

Posted by John at Fri Jul 29 2005 12:36

I remember Traffic used to get mopey like when I would pull out a suitcase. We actually had a conversation about it once. I was packing for my mission and he was like, here we go, he'll be gone a whole week, as usual. It was so sad to try and explain to him that it was for 2 years. I miss my puppy. He never sought out revenge on me.


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