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[Comments] (3) A Salad of Memories: Yesterday I tried to make a macaroni salad like the one Aunt Margaret made for a family trip to Mesa Verde National Park. This was difficult because I don't have a recipe, I was a little girl at the time, and I don't really remember anything about the salad except that it was made from the little tube salad macaroni and I loved it.

By straining my memory-- or maybe my imagination?-- I seemed to remember, or imagine, little black and red flecks in the salad, so I put in pimento and black olives. And celery. I suspect Aunt Margaret put in chopped hardboiled eggs, but I never use them, in potato salad either, because I am l-a-z-y. I put in too much mayonnaise, and it was blah.

This morning I cut it with peas, which solved the too much mayonnaise problem, and I added a green onion. It's good now, but not the salad I remember.

I remember several things about the trip to Mesa Verde National Park. The main one is that Jonathan kept needing to go to the bathroom and kept whining for a "comfort station." I don't know if that is what the NPS called bathrooms back then, or if it is a Aunt Margaretism. We were all crammed into the back of the station wagon for the trip. People didn't worry about seatbelts for kids back in those days. And we went to the Sun Temple and ran around on the ruins. Many years later, Anne and Jonathan and I returned to Mesa Verde with our own children and let them run around on the Sun Temple. I have some wonderful pictures of that event.


Posted by Rachel at Sun Jul 03 2005 10:09

I thought it was good.

Posted by Susie at Mon Jul 04 2005 08:22

Kristen and I were remembering running around there earlier.

Posted by Kristen at Wed Jul 13 2005 18:49

Yeah, we were just talking about it.


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