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[Comments] (2) Rant: I wasted most of the day today because of the home health people. What a pain in the butt. The nurse called while I was teaching my class, exactly as I've told her not to so many times. I told her I'd be home by one. (I needed to get a haircut, so didn't come straight home.) Well at least I accomplished that.

I was REALLY needing a nap but couldn't take one until after the nurse's visit. I waited and waited, and she didn't come until three. I was too exhausted to do anything like pay bills or grade papers while waiting, so I waited.

Those home health people think that I don't have a life and that I should be curled in a corner waiting to die. They think their patients should just sit around home doing nothing. Well, I'm not willing to wilt down to a snivel and wait to die. I have places to go and things to do, and, even though almost all of their patients choose to be homebound, I wish they had some consideration for me and the battle I fight daily trying not to be.

I hope this isn't going to translate into a problem with the TPN delivery on Thursday because we have to have Gretel at the kennel by 1:00 p.m. and then we are outta here.


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