Jabberwocky for 2005 July 6 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (1) Asian Surprise!: I ran errands today, one of which was to the Asia Market to buy miso. I peeked into the Teriyaki Bowl that adjoins the market. You'll recall how disappointed I was when the Asia Market moved and became a Teriyaki Bowl instead of a granny behind the window stir frying to order. Well. It's not a REAL Teriyaki Bowl. It's the same Asia Market granny; they are just calling it Teriyaki Bowl. I don't know if the Teriyaki Bowl franchise people know about this; I think not. But for anyone who wants the fake stuff, there is a Yoshinama right across the street. The good food is at Asia Market.

So I went in and had cashew chicken and rice for $2.56. I had been going to go to Taco Bell and get a salad, but this was so much cheaper and so much more yummy.


Posted by Susie at Wed Jul 06 2005 20:39

Yummy and good deal! I love cashew chicken.


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