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[Comments] (1) I Left My Heart....: So here we are in San Francisco, eating much gourmet food cooked by Leonardr. Yesterday we went to the Bombay Creamery and ate ginger ice cream, and then to a weird stuff store and a pirate store. I wanted to buy a pirate t-shirt ("Bring your own citrus") but I didn't allow myself to do it because I really don't need more shirts.

The thing that appealed to me the most at the weird stuff store was the plaster dental casts. Although they had a pair of taxidermised mice dressed up like a bride and groom. I WANT them for the top of my wedding cake! I certainly would have rather had them than the tacky plastic bell thing I did have. (I didn't pick it out. I told the lady who baked the cake I didn't care what was on top, and she choose that.)

Then we went to lunch at Greens, which was delicious, and we made an appearance at the Friends of the Library used bookstore, where I was also very good and bought no books.

So far the only money I have spent has been for gas and a box of Ritz.

Today we are going to the Giants game with Leonardw and Jeff. I got us some very nice (and expensive!) tickets. After the game we will go back to Leonardw and Jeff's house to make a birthday dinner for Leonardr.

I hope we don't freeze at the game.


Posted by Camilla at Mon Jul 11 2005 08:18

Now that my roommate is back in California she keeps buying more piratey stuff. She's even buying piratey stuff for me. Yay.


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