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[Comments] (2) Orange Chicken: I made orange chicken for lunch today; it was really good. I have discovered the best way to make chicken scaloppini is to butterfly the chicken breast through the thick part and then hit it with a skillet to flatten it. If I sharpen my chef's knife really well before making the cut it works fine.

I sauteed a couple of cloves of garlic, a shallot, and the leaves stripped from a handful of fresh thyme in butter, then turned down the heat and added the flour-dredged chicken.

Once the chicken was browned, I removed it and deglazed the pan with sherry, adding the grated rind of one orange. Leonard gave me a wonderful grater for my birthday, like a file, and it works like a charm for zesting lemons and oranges. Then I made a sauce of the pan drippings, chicken broth, and the juice of the orange with cornstarch.

It was really good, I tell you!


Posted by Susie at Sun Aug 14 2005 18:25

I made orange chicken the other day. It was ok, but yours sounds much better. The recipe I used was just brown sugar, orange juice and a few spices.

Posted by Kristen at Mon Aug 15 2005 09:18

I love orange chicken, I tell you!


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