Jabberwocky for 2005 August 22 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (3) First Day of School: I'm back from the first day of school. How will I ever learn everyone's name? Both my classes were standing room only, with enough people on the waiting list to populate another section, and very few no-shows. There are a lot of kids going to go away disappointed tomorrow when the registration system rolls itself over. But I can't teach all of them!

Another thing that happened is a girl who finished off her incomplete over the summer came to tell me that the incomplete was still on her record and the registration computer had bumped her out of her English 1 class because of it. I took the grade change form over to the records office myself this summer, and I guess I handed it to an idiot because it never got changed.

What they have done basically is ruin her life. Even after we get the incomplete business straightened out, she still won't be able to get into a class because the place she had is taken now by a waitlist person and there are no more open places in classes. Incompetence, grrrr.

In other news, scuttlebutt has found out that the administration made a mistake in reporting to Sacramento the last four years, which has resulted in four years of budget shortfalls for us. The school is teaching the students but not getting paid for it because of some dingdong in the office.

This is why I always vote no when they run a bond issue on the ballot. These fools don't know how to run a college or how to handle money.


Posted by John at Tue Aug 23 2005 08:32

Sooooo glad I went to a private University.

Posted by Frances at Tue Aug 23 2005 09:16

Well. I went to the same private university, and the Records office messed me up just as badly. Incompetence has no limits.

Posted by Susie at Tue Aug 23 2005 13:03

Mom, I just learned that one of my coworkers was the librarian at St. Francis school, right by you. weird.


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