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[Comments] (2) How Many Times Do I Have To Say I'm Sorry?: Today I had to send a dozen waitlisted people packing. There is simply not enough room for them in the class. There is nowhere for them to sit, and their poor decrepit teacher can't grade that many essays. They begged. They cried. It was just awful. One of the boys tried to bribe me, starting with $200, and working up to a thousand. I probably pointed out to him ten times that even if I were to let him in, there are seven people ahead of him on the waitlist. Absolutely ghastly. There is one guy I couldn't get rid of. He would NOT leave, saying he prefers to stay and see if someone drops. Nobody is going to drop, and even if they do, I want a smaller class.

I didn't send as many off as I wish I would because I added two places to my class last night and the system let seven people in!!!! I have 33 people in the class and 31 chairs in the room.

I'm going to have to go through this again tomorrow with my other class.


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