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Some Better: I think I'm some better today. My temp is down to "normal" range, but not near the subnormal I usually am. Yet. My college kid got here at 7:30 and we pulled weeds until it got too hot at 10:00. Xochitl watched him instead of watching me. I guess she felt the need to see what the haps were.

I am unable to mend the water crock, so I need to call Arrowhead and tell them to bring me one. I was hoping to mend it so when Alex was here he could install a new bottle. Maybe I can get the Arrowhead guy to put it together. Does anyone want a crock with sunflowers on it? My thinking is a plant would look nice in it. I called them, but the recording said at least seven minutes wait time, so I gave up. I'm going to try again now.


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