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[Comments] (3) Procrastination--It's True!: I really did a lot today, but the main thing I did was fuss and worry about the talk I have to give in Sacrament Meeting tomorrow. Bleah. So I pulled weeds, went to the store, washed rags and towels, made rigatoni, deep pitted a tri-tip and read email and played every Scrabble turn I could.

Finally, I have my talk prepared. Now I am procrastinating grading a file folder full of diagnostic writing samples that I don't want to do. Also I should go to Ernestine Boonstoppel's because it's the end of the month. I made a dish of rigatoni to take to her, but I don't seem to have the energy to put Gretel out and go over there and listen to her aches and pains. I don't mind really, and I like visiting her, but I'm out of energy.

Pooh on the writing diagnostics, which I have put off since Wednesday.


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