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[Comments] (1) Hate: I think, along with Benjamin Franklin, that we need to watch the words we use. If not because "the word leads to the deed", then because we should be kind and gentle with those around us.

The textbook chapter we are going to do next week deals with language and how it affects others, and asks the question, if language and word meaning has changed, has it changed enough that it won't hurt someone's feelings?

I hear people--supposedly nice people-- using the word "hate" all the time. "I hate Hillary Clinton." "I hate Madonna." You can't hate Madonna. You don't even know Madonna. I think it's all right to say "I prefer other types of music", or "I am appalled by what I read about the behavior of the stars" (and who knows how much of that is even true?) But to unleash hatred is to fill your own soul with it.

I know people who say "I hate beets." That's a lot of vitriol to pour onto one poor helpless little vegetable.


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