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[Comments] (5) The Empty Trap: We didn't catch anyone last night, or today. I don't know if it is because the cats have gotten wise, or because the trap was in the "wrong" place, or whatever. I was glad, I guess, because then I could go to bed after work, not to the pound.

I think Rachel has given me her disease, and my whiplash injury really hurts and doesn't seem to be getting better. Probably I need to go to a chiropractor. I'm just not good at making phone calls for appointments. I hate to talk on the phone! So if I call you, it's a big deal. Grumble.

Juan, bless his heart, weedwhacked in the front. I really need to get out there and pull out crabgrass. Well, two more days of work this week, and I can do it Friday. If I can move!


Posted by Alyson at Tue Sep 27 2005 20:32

We had a raccoon that lived in our roof for about a week, and would make such a desparate scrambling noise getting in every morning around 4:00. The neighbors even spied the animal by peeking in their attic opening. The day we had a trap set up for him, he did not show up, and never has intruded upon us since. Why? Why?

Posted by Susie at Wed Sep 28 2005 07:34

See, Mom, you really do only call when someone has died.

Posted by Sumana at Wed Sep 28 2005 09:09

Alyson: The Real Live Preacher raccoon stories are hilarious:


Frances: I will take your phone-aversion into account when contacting you in the future! Or when nagging Leonard.

Posted by Rachel at Wed Sep 28 2005 10:56

Woe! I'm sorry.

Posted by Susie at Thu Sep 29 2005 07:31

I love when you say "woe!" it's so cute!


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